Friday, November 14, 2014

Finally, a desk!

I've been wanting a desk for the longest time.  And finally, I was able to go get one from yes, you guessed it - IKEA!  I'm at it again:
I was going to put it on this end of the dining room table (check out that messy table!):
And when I was about 80% done assembling the table, I realized that I had picked out the wrong table!  But in a way, I think it actually worked out.  I have put it on the opposite end of the dining room table and the width of the desk is the same as the dining room table so it sort of blends in:
And it's easier to keep track of the boys and watch TV at the same time :-)
Charlie loves playing with the hole in the desk for the cables.  I wonder what I'm going to find in my drawer on day!
I'll have to get to "work" soon to get lots of photo books and next year's personalized calendars done up soon! And gosh, Christmas cards too.  Can't believe it's almost that time of the year again!

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