Monday, September 1, 2014

Clumsy Charlie

Charlie seems to be so rambunctious these days.  So I guess it didn't surprise us when he bumped his head on the side of a coffee table and gave himself a black eye!
Poor Charlie!  He had a little cut too with his bump:
All better after the band-aid! Back to his happy self:
A few days later... it almost looked like Charlie has eye make-up on. Ha ha!
I suppose we could just put a "hat" on him, as he called it:
Charlie is so silly.  His new teachers are going to have their hands full when school starts next week!  At least we know he can be calmed down with music.  Charlie loves to dance - this was at the Dubai Mall during our last trip there. He just stopped in front of this store and started dancing when he heard the music.
Love those moves!!! :-)

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