Monday, September 1, 2014

Moving out of the hotel

Almost 2 months in the hotel and we finally decided to move out when our "lease" was up.  It was bitter sweet as we really enjoyed staying in the hotel.  The pool was nice and convenient and so was the food. The staff really enjoyed having the boys around too. But Bobby and I figured it was time to move into reality. Yes, having to wash our own towels!
We moved into a 2-bedroom apartment complex not far from Bobby's work. The entire plaza is actually owned by his company! There's definitely a lot more room for all of us.  Here's the kitchen, which overlooks into the living room:
By the way, here's the smallest electric kettle that I've seen so far. And it works great! Except you have to unplug it all the time when you need to fill it up with water. Hmm... that just sounded like a first-world problem!
And here's our living room. Oh yes... the mop and bucket.  For whatever reason, there was this hug puddle by the tv stand. I guess the cleaners forgot to mop everything up.  Well, the mop did not work very well so I had to call the one-man maintenance crew. It's too bad Charlie had to slip and fall prior to the call. Poor fella! He is surely having a tough time with bumps and falls since his arrival here into Abu Dhabi!
Well, after it was said and done, the boys were back to their regular routine:
And playing with their limited amount of toys here. It's amazing what they can come up with though. Graham was pretending to be some sort of announcer talking into his headphones. Charlie followed along of course, jibber jabbering behind into the end bit of their night light/rocket ship plug/socket. It was very cute!
And then, the sweeping. They were intrigued by the little sweeper and dustpan. Wait until they have to do it for real. Ha!
And as for sleeping arrangements... well, Graham was on the couch at the hotel and Charlie was in bed with both of us. Here, the two beds are smaller (hmm... another first world problem perhaps!) so Graham and Daddy are in one room and me and Charlie are in the other.  Some nights are good and others not so. Charlie has this "crocodile death roll" thing that he does. He will rub up against you and just roll around! It's not too bad when I can feel him but I get so worried about him rolling off the bed! And then, he loves making the letter "T" in bed. Little stinker!
It wasn't too difficult for Daddy to get back into this morning routine - newspaper and coffee!
And as you can see, Charlie is just in his own little world playing in the spare room.
Or playing ON the table!
I'm glad that the boys are adjusting really well to all the change and moving that we've been doing so far. I guess as long as we have a TV, they are happy!
Can never get them far enough from that TV!
Oh, forgot to mention - there is a supermarket and bakery within walking distance from here. And the boys love the bakery!
Chocolate donuts! YUM!!! And notice how Charlie just ate the top part of the doughnut where all the chocolate was. Sneaky Charlie! Thankfully Graham is a little bit better than that.
Can't believe he actually looked into the camera for this pic! Anyhow, I'm glad I got my money's worth out of his doughnut :-)
Last but not least, here's the view from our balcony:
It's just amazing how much sand there is here!  Well, here's the good news that we received yesterday. We are given the green light to move into our new apartment this Thursday!  We will be signing some papers and will officially be handed over the keys.  Hooray! Just in time as Charlie will start school next week and Graham the week after that. So glad we will be settling into somewhat of a routine when school starts. But can't believe the summer is already over. Where did it go??!

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