Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soccer or wait, I mean football

It's funny how only in the US it's called soccer and everywhere else it's called football!  It's actually been quite difficult to switch and I still refer it to soccer with Graham and Charlie.  They are both so excited to be enrolled in "football" here.  The dome that they play in is pretty cool, although rather warm at times.
Here are all the "greenies" as the head coach refers them to.  As you can see, Charlie was still in his blue SoccerCity uniform as he was under observation for the first session.  
The youngest class are 3 year olds and Charlie just turned 2 at the end of July.  He's so tiny compared to the other kids!
Well, thankfully size did not matter.  Charlie did great and is now officially a "greenie" too!  He does run out of gas after about 1/2 hour but hopefully that will improve as the session progresses.  As for Graham, he is completely out of gas when he gets home!
Ha ha! Too funny! :-)

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