Monday, September 22, 2014

A place to call home in Abu Dhabi

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last update!  We have finally moved into our new apartment a couple of weeks ago and finally have internet installed - hence the ability to finally update my blog.  I'm so glad we were able to furnish our place while we were at the hotel.  There wasn't too much to be done when we finally arrived at our new place.
A few exciting things during these past few weeks.  Graham and Charlie got to see Spiderman!  Graham even got to get up on stage.  Spiderman noticed his spidey t-shirt.  Kudos to Mommy for putting it on him that night!
Trying to do the "web" thingy with their fingers.  Tada!
And we discovered a huge fish, meat, and veggie market in this same mall.  The fish and meat market is like the cleanest one that I've ever seen.  It's air-conditioned and therefore it doesn't have that awful smell like most open air markets.  Amazing!  And I found a little spice shop in the veggie market.  Look at all the basil and rosemary for under Dhs 2. That's just a little over USD 0.50 cents!
I guess I paid for those twigs too as you pay for the spices by weight.  But for that price, I don't think it matters too much!
And speaking of spices, I found the largest ever built-in pepper grinder!
It's larger than the 4x6 picture frame! And we've also discovered what they call "milk juice" and also freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.  We are so spoiled now with these. There is also freshly squeezed avocado juice. I haven't been brave enough yet to try that one!
As for the apartment, we might have one more IKEA online order to go and hopefully that will be it!  The TV is sitting on the floor but at least we have cable now and are able to watch golf and yes, American football too!  I did get some new pillows for a little local flair.  Love them!
Of course, our sofa is never quite complete without toys on them as well.
The boys also enjoy playing in the kitchen.  It's good that there's enough space for everyone in this huge apartment!
So huge that the boys, especially Graham loves traveling by pedaling their new tricycle:
It's great that Charlie gets to ride in the back too!
The apartment has been working out great except for perhaps one little kink. The hot water in the shower is still disrupted with cold water after every few minutes.  It's not so fun especially when you're washing your hair. I haven't made a complaint yet. I wonder if anyone else in our building is experiencing this same issue. Even Graham wants to take a bath rather than a shower!
It's nice to finally have a place to call "home". We are all very comfortable here and I'm glad the boys are adjusting well!

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