Monday, September 1, 2014

Exploring Abu Dhabi

Well, it's not quite in the heart of Abu Dhabi but there is this place called Masdar City, which is actually just around the corner from our temporary apartment. Our friend suggested we all go to a Japanese restaurant there.  Right now there are just businesses there and also a university, but eventually it will be a residential area as well.
This city thrives on being it's own sustainable community - leaving as little as possible on the environmental footprint. So that means, using solar power and lots of recycling from what we could see.  And... these amazing looking electric cars!
The boys were definitely excited about these Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) vehicles! It was very futuristic indeed. So was the wind tunnel next to the restaurant!
Bobby was trying to explain this one to me. Something about hot air rising and then, something happens and then the cool air comes out from the bottom and it's suppose to cool the sitting area around it. It was cooler when we stood right beneath it but still not quite cool enough to just hang around! The boys' cheeks were so red from running around outside!
Dinner was yummy and the trip back on the PRT was worth the excitement for the boys. I'm sure we'll be doing this again!

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