Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

We finally went to visit the Grand Mosque.  We drove by it almost every day when we were staying at our hotel the first 2 months when we arrived in Abu Dhabi.
As a female, I had to pick up the traditional cloak known as the Abaya.
Here we are! Me and our friend Tammy, that's visiting from Malaysia.  Graham actually took this pic. He even managed to get Charlie in it!
The hallways are quite impressive:
Making our way to the main entrance:
Needed to put the hoodie on. I was politely warned by a local on my way in. Oops!
Shoes off!
Here is the main entrance.  There are these flower imprints on the glass that sparkle with the light.  Just stunning!
And you're greeted by a gorgeous chandelier:
View from the bottom of the chandelier:
And then, you walk in and there are even bigger ones on the inside!
The walls are amazing too with the Arabic inscriptions:
The pillars have tile inlays in them. So pretty! And the rug spans the entire mosque.  I believe it's the largest woven Persian rug in the world!
The floor is so pretty as well with the tile inlay.
And on the way out, more tile but this one is on the side of a wall.  So much work involved!
Once back outside, the boys enjoyed going in between the pillars.
It's always a successful trip when the boys are completely zonked out in their car seats!
Bobby didn't come along this time but when he does, I'm going to have him wear the traditional Arab outfit or thawb for the men.  Can't wait to see Bobby in that! :-)

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