Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visit back to Dubai Mall

Last weekend, we decided to head back to Dubai Mall again.  We thought it would be nice to take a little trip to see the Dubai Aquarium and also the Underwater Zoo at the mall.  On the way there, we stopped at the gas station and I asked Bobby to get me coconut water and this is what he came back with:

Well, this was after I had discovered that I failed to pull the top of the can.  So I had to unwrap the packaging to get to the can!
It's like the can is just laughing at me. Ha!  Well, thankfully I carry a little handy-dandy tool in the car.  Who's laughing now! 
Success!!! And Bobby actually suggested using the pliers. How does that have the "leverage" he was talking about??!
And as usual, amazing architecture in the city:
This one is like a sword!
And the Burj Khalifa, of course:
Anyhow, once at the mall, we had to see the dinosaur first.  This time I took a better picture of it, although now perhaps too far to really see the details of it:
But here, look at that tiny little head for that HUGE body!
And then, I wanted to check out the "souk" area.  It wasn't too long before there was a camel sighting :-)
Such a pretty section of the mall.  Someday it would be nice if Bobby and I can just relax here with our cups of coffee - without the kids, perhaps??!
And yes, there is an ice rink in this mall:
And then, this HUGE waterfall!!!!
 Just amazing!  All of our jaws just dropped when we saw these massive fountains:
And then, we took the elevator up and what do we see... IHOP! Ha! Guess we're not too far from home if you think about it ;-)
And then, getting closer to the aquarium!  Again, everything in this mall is just "Go big or go home!"
Check out that HUGE grouper!  My dad would be wishing he was fishing here! :-)
And then, there's the walk-through tunnel.  To be honest, I think the big tank on the outside is still more impressive:
Once we were done with the tunnel, we headed over to the Underwater Zoo.  First stop, the piranhas. There was a small sign above the tank that said not to put your hand in the water. I think that would be a given in this scenario!
This was a cute little area where the boys could stick their heads into the tank of lion fish:
And then, here's the new giant octopus. I was actually a little disappointed because it wasn't as "giant" as I thought it would be.
As usual, I always think the jelly fish are pretty cool:
The eels are pretty cool too:
This little shrimpy looked like it was giving the eel a massage. Cute!
It's unfortunate the photo of this crab didn't turn out so well. I put Charlie down close to the glass and he was barely a foot away from me and he ran straight back to me and clinged on to me when he saw this crab! I had to chuckle :-)
And then, there was the king croc. Wow... talk about KING croc.  The photo does not do this croc any justice. He was definitely HUGE! At 5 meters long (over 16ft) and weighing over 750kg (almost 1,700lbs), you definitely didn't want to mess with this one!
Just so mean looking!
Here's another view from above. Pretty neat with the see-through glass under our feet:
Well, back to the more friendlier creatures - like the pineapple fish, which I've never seen before!
 And the penguins are always a thrill for the boys.
And I can't remember the name of these worms. I just hope I don't see (or step on them!) when I'm snorkeling somewhere. They freak me out!
Well, the aquarium is all done and we decided to go shoe shopping for Graham. Black shoes for school! Although I just found out it's white socks and not black socks.  Charlie was busy running around like his brother, trying on new shoes too.
Well, it was definitely a long, tiring day for Charlie. He was so tired that he even fell asleep while eating a chocolate snack. And he LOVES chocolate!
Actually, we have a video of it. He he he...
Of course, Bobby and I couldn't stop laughing :-)
Ahhh... so peaceful.  We were actually able to enjoy our food and I even had time to have my ice-cream! What a fun day!

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