Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hoorah for new appliances!

The dishwasher arrived last week although we didn't get to run it yet as we didn't have any dishes yet. Ha ha! And we couldn't open up the dishwasher door all the way because of the handle on the cabinet door. So maintenance switched the door handle from vertical to horizontal.  Fixed! Hmm... guess no excuses now for not doing dishes!
Our new fridge finally arrived today. Love it! It's super HUGE! Would you think any different for an American expat? ;-)
Charlie is having a much tougher time opening this one.  The one in the hotel apartment looks like a built-in so the fridge door is easy to open like a closet door. And yes, that's a little opening on the right that you can open to get to something inside the fridge, so there is minimal energy wasted by just opening that little door!
Oh, he's trying so hard!!!  Too funny!
And here's the bulky but almost necessary microwave these days.  There's a setting where you can set a cup of water in it and the function will produce steam from the cup to clean the inside of the microwave. How clever!
And our new fancy washer and dryer. I took so much time on this one - convinced that I was going to get a top-loader. At least I get a matching set but I still don't understand why is it that the dryer is so much more expensive than the washer! I should have asked the guy installing the washer/dryer before he walked out the door, but I'm not sure if there's suppose to be so much slack on that outlet hose from the washer.  I guess as long as it doesn't leak, I'll be alright. I'm going to need to put some sort of rolling shelf in front of it so the boys are not tempted to tug on it!
So the only thing left is the stove.  We did purchase a nice gas stove but looks like the company apartment is only allowing electric-stove cooking. I'm so bummed! Oh well, maybe it will be a good excuse to eat out a few more times during the week once we do get back into the routine of cooking during the week again :-)

And so much for having the drapes ready in 2-3 days for installment.  I guess the guy didn't realize how much more window space and sliding doors we needed to cover up so it will take more than a week to get all of the material sewn up.  I'm so excited about it. I hope it turns out well!  For the price, I sure hope so!  Anyhow, I was so busy chatting with the drapery guy that I didn't even realize that Charlie was busy taking pictures.
He took about 20 photos.  Thank goodness for digital cameras! Speaking of taking pictures, we need to work on Graham looking at the camera.  I think little girls like doing that more than little boys.  Here is Graham after one of our many trips to IKEA. We left him at the playarea for an hour and this is what happens.  He loved it!
And this was when Bobby got Graham a new Manchester City football club jersey. I'm so jealous that I didn't get one! Anyhow, he's good at saying "cheese" but just won't look into the camera!
Things are moving along here in Abu Dhabi.  Just waiting for the date when we can finally move into our apartment!

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