Saturday, August 16, 2014

First meal at the apartment

We finally had our first meal at our new apartment! (No, we haven't technically moved in yet)
Okay, okay... so I didn't cook.  Guess the take-away packaging was a give away. But we do finally have our new stove:
It sure looks nice. Maybe I should just keep it nice and clean like that for a little while longer??? ;-)
The boys will be starting school first week of Sept (August 31st for Graham).  Eventually I'll have to get back into the routine.  We went to visit Graham's school a few weeks ago. I can't imagine them being ready by the end of this month when the school still looks like this!
We went to visit the office administration today in the city, which by the way took us 3 failed attempts to find. Anyhow, now we have to call the lady in charge of Graham's uniform.  He'll need to go in for measurements. Wish us luck finding her location!
Can't believe our Graham is going to start pre-school!
And then, there's Charlie. Hopefully his separation anxiety won't be as bad now when school starts.
Although with him learning to climb out of his crib recently - he has been spending a lot of time with us in the big bed during naptime and at night. And he actually grabs my arm to put around him to snuggle. I guess I should really cherish moments like these.  They are growing up so quickly!

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