Friday, February 28, 2014

Kitchen finally all done!

The kitchen is finally all repainted and knobs and handles all installed.  What a project!
Hopefully the paint will stay clean at least for a little while.  There are bits and pieces of paint on the bottom cabinets that have already been chipped off.  Kids, I tell you!

I was finally able to use my fancy brackets.  I bought them years ago and could never figure out where to use them, thinking I would put a shelf up somewhere. They were sort of an off/antique-white but I just sprayed it a rustic brown like the rest of the kitchen cabinet hinges.  I think it works quite well for under the countertop - just in case the boys have any ideas of hanging off the countertop.
Looks like my off-season is almost coming to an end.  Now if the weather would just get a little warmer so I can start practicing!  I suppose I could actually start getting back in shape first.  I can't believe it's already the end of February.  If I only spent that much time working out and practicing my golf as I did painting!  It's probably no wonder why I'm not on the LPGA yet :-s

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