Sunday, February 2, 2014

Charlie is 18 months old

Here's our little man! Well, maybe not so little anymore.  He's now 31" tall (10% percentile - ok, maybe not so tall) but in the 75% percentile in weight at 23lbs 15oz. No wonder he's getting so heavy to carry around!
Charlie is still crying when I drop him off at school but at least now he doesn't cry when I pick him up. Here's a little project from school the other day. His crooked-eyed little penguin. Too cute!  "Waddle, waddle, waddle" as he would (try) to say.
Charlie loves raiding the pantry for his mac-n-cheese:
And if the boys could have apple sauce every hour, they would do it!  I love how they sit together for their little snack:
We continue to bring Charlie to his soccer class:
Some days are easier than others:
If anything, he loves parachute time:
By the way, here's Charlie's new lunch bag:
We normally dig into it after school while big brother Graham is playing at the school playground. No wonder Charlie is in the 75% percentile in weight!

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