Saturday, February 15, 2014

More organization around the house

I guess I got really really tired of having toys all over the floor, so it was off to the store to buy more storage bins!  I had an extra table in the guest room so that seemed to work quite well downstairs instead.
Ahhh... so many toys! It's like a little parking lot. Hmm... just thought of an idea. Maybe I need to draw some lines on the floor to indicate the toys' spot in the room - so it will be like a little game the boys can play :-)
I did have a little shelf which worked out to display some of the boys' little cars and trucks.
It didn't take long for the mess to come back but at least it was a lot quicker to clean up!
Cleaner house makes Mommy a happy person.  Eventually, the boys will learn to do it by themselves. Eventually... right???  I suppose there is no cleaning up now that we have a couch potato!

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