Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  This year, we decided to (or perhaps I decided to have everyone) stay home for dinner.  I think there's just less drama that way especially when we can never predict if both boys are going to behave well at the table!  Plus, Bobby had been traveling all week and had just returned home on Thursday.

This year, we were surprised with flowers from the boys:
By the way, Graham and Charlie want to say "thank you" to Grandma for making the arrangements :-)
And then, of course - cards and gifts:
And Valentine's will never be valentine's these days without chocolate-covered strawberries!
And you wonder where the other strawberries went???
The boys loved them!  A lot more of the chocolate part than the strawberries, perhaps :-)
And today was the end of Chinese New Year (CNY lasts for 15 days), so we took the opportunity to see a lion dance performance and a kung fu exhibition:
Charlie really enjoyed the lion dance:
Graham was not a happy camper.  He was actually quite terrified during his first lion dance experience last year and this year, it was the same.
Poor fella.  Doesn't like dumplings, afraid of fireworks and lion dances, and wants to put cheese on rice. How are we ever going to live in Malaysia!  Maybe if daddy/Bobby was part of the lion dance, perhaps then Graham might warm up to the idea.  Uhhh... no.  At least not today.
By the way, I found a new Chinese resource at the university where the lion dance was held today. Looking forward to checking it out and improving everyone's Chinese, including mine! 

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