Saturday, February 15, 2014

Laundry room overhaul

Well, it's not quite an entire overhaul but I did get tired of the bright yellow in the laundry room.  So... as usual, here's the before:
I know, right?  What was I thinking about that yellow!  Probably one of, if not my worst decision in color choices.  Anyway, here's the after. Tada!
Ahhh... much calmer color :-)

And then, the cabinets had to be painted and contents in the cabinets reorganized.  So, off with the cabinet doors:
And after that - bye-bye yucky yellow tinge cabinets!
And just like on those home improvement TV shows, organized bins with labels. Ha! :-)
Ok, time to put the cabinet doors back on.  I'm so glad it was a nice day out to paint!
And oh, while I was outside, the city finally came by to pick up our tree debris from the previous ice storm. It's too bad the boys weren't around to see it. They would have loved the grabber!
Anyhow... here we go! Finally, nice and clean looking:
I even bought some new knobs. I'm glad I figured out how to line up those cabinets:
And finally... a little humor:
I wasn't sure if I liked it very much, so decided to change it up:
I still can't figure out if I like it or not.  Thankfully it's an easy fix.  I used Graham's washable markers that comes off really easily with a wet rag.  Unfortunately, the tip of the marker has worn down quite a bit because of the rough texture on the walls.  So I won't be changing anything anytime soon until I buy a new marker!  If anything, Graham already knows how to read it. Smartie pants!

As for the shoes, I ended up buying a hanging shoe organizer.  
The tension rod was a rather good idea for the extra shoes as well as for the golf caps until of course, everything came tumbling down. The rod just could not hold up all that weight.  So... back to the drawing board and I came up with the idea of just hanging it from the ceiling.
The hook in the ceiling can hold up to 60lbs, just in case the boys get any crazy ideas to hang from it.  The chain doubles as a place holder for Graham and Charlie's artwork too!

I still haven't figured out if those recycling bins are going back into the laundry room yet. I wish we had a bigger room! Anyway, just installed a coat hook on one wall and waiting for a couple of accordion-style coat/hat hangers for the other wall. And then, we should be done! Hooray!

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