Saturday, June 17, 2017

Recent happenings

I finally convinced Bobby to take us to this place called DragonMart in Dubai. It's basically a HUUUUGE building that houses both retail and wholesale businesses. Actually, there's now DragonMart2 as well, so it is even bigger!  We saw some very cool looking light fixtures. So pretty!
Graham and Charlie finally got a new scooter:
You literally could find anything and everything here. We also found some cute little backpacks for the boys - for cheap too!
Although not at the expense of our car being scratched though. That's twice now while being in Dubai. Grrrr...!!!

Anyhow, back in Abu Dhabi... we are working on some new life lessons at home - mostly with Graham.  I figured it was finally time for him to help a little in the kitchen.  Plus, he is the one that is eating most of the mushrooms!
He seemed purely interested and actually requested to cook mushrooms again a couple days later.  This time I even let him cut the mushroom all by himself:
Thankfully no injuries! We are also working on his confidence - we sent him to pick up some groceries all by himself :-)
I told Graham to pick up a baguette and some apples. He came back with Arabic bread. Close enough :-)  Charlie was fast asleep in the car so I parked close to the entrance of the supermarket and sent him in. He was so proud of himself when he got back to the car. And I was so proud of him too!

Happy Graham! He loves making bubbles while washing his hands:
Charlie, on the other hand, loves to crumble up his paper when he gets frustrated!  He was trying to make a paper airline and obviously things didn't go his way. HA HA!
Thankfully we have other things to keep the boys busy - lots of jigsaw puzzles!
If only they would use another part of the apartment and not the main thorough-way for it. Oh well, anything to keep them out of trouble. I guess pillows will work too. Look closely enough and you can see Charlie tucked away in there somewhere.  Too funny!
There is only one week of school left. I will need to come up with more ideas for the summer! It's too bad our trampoline park membership is expiring after Ramadan.  I thought it was so cute when I spotted both the boys together just hanging out during Dodge ball:
And the tightrope was set up by the front cashier, so I got to try it out too. It was so difficult!
So happy that the boys play together so well, most of the time at least!

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