Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy birthday to Me!

Oh no! One more over 40!!!  Breathe... breathe... ok, only 41. Don't panic - not quite yet at least.

Nothing like starting out my day with a nice card from hubby and boys though. I think Bobby scored some brownie points here:
I love how the boys are able to write their names and little notes now.  And I was actually quite impressed with Bobby's drawing of a jaguar.  If you are wondering, it's a hint for a Jaguar Driving Experience. Vrrroooom vrroooommm!!!  10 more days to driving a speedy sports car on a Formula 1 race track. Woohoooo...!!!
And hmmm... what's this? 
It's Branch from the Troll cartoon/movie.  Perfect for my handbag! It actually comes with a little brush too, just in case if I ever get bored while waiting somewhere. Of if perhaps I need to calm down and meditate, I can comb Branch's blue hair. Ha ha!
After picking up the boys from school, we headed off to a bakery in a nearby mall and picked up a variety of cake slices.  We then headed over to a friend's home and Judy's little Abby clearly enjoyed the cakes too. How cute is that face!
By the way, did you know I am her favorite person? She actually called me by name the other day! :-) And can't thank Judy enough for the Gemini charm for my bracelet. Thank you so much! You are such a dear friend. Judy actually bought me the Pandora bracelet on my 40th birthday. How time has flown by so quickly!
Then, it's off to dinner with Bobby and the boys. And yes, more cake!!! Graham and Charlie are so cheeky:
Family we-fie!
A lovely birthday, I would have to say!

And oh, a few days later I also went out for a nice steak birthday dinner with my J-friends.  If you are also wondering about this, it's Judy, Jackie, and Jenny. I think it's such a weird/funny coincidence that these group of gals all have names starting with J!

What a yummy dinner and dessert was excellent too. I think the plate says it all :-)
Grateful for great friends!

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