Friday, June 9, 2017

Puncher's surprise visit

I suppose we have British Airways to thank for this one!  The Punchers were suppose fly from London to Milan but due to an IT glitch, their flight was canceled.  So, they decided to hop on an Emirates flight and come visit us instead. How awesome!  Boys were super excited to see them when they returned from school.

It was a busy week.  First, we spent some time at an indoor trampoline park called Bounce. So much fun (and sweat!!!):
So much bouncing:
The session goes on for an hour, but we have bought a pass where the boys are able to bounce for a maximum of 3 hours a day. They just can't get enough!
And then, there's the tightrope.  This looks really difficult!
Izzy kept trying over and over again. I might have to give this a go someday!
After Bounce, it was off to smell a few scents :-)
Graham and Charlie are obviously quite spoiled having Izzy around:
See what I mean??!  Charlie is too tired after Bounce to even have dinner:
The next day, it's swim at their hotel pool:
It's quite the view of the Grand Mosque, especially during sunset.  Stunning!
That night, we are celebrating Bobby's birthday.  Oops... we lost Graham this time. He is rather comfy on Ara's lap:
Charlie manages to stay awake as he plays with Ara's phone:
Oh, by the way, it is Ramadan so we actually have to whisper Bobby's birthday song.  Make a wish!
Graham is awake now. The yummy cake does not last long!!!
On the walk back to the hotel lobby, uncle Ben is too hot so Charlie decides to wear his sports jacket instead :-D
Another fun night!  The next day, the fun continues at Yas Waterworld. We all get a nice tan and boys get ice lollies:
Thank you Ben, Ara, and Izzy for coming over to visit!  In a way, we are glad your flight to Milan was canceled :-P  See you all again soon!!! XOXOX

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