Thursday, June 22, 2017

Missing my mom - 10 years later

It's been 10 years since my mom had passed away from colon cancer (June 19, 2007).  I think the biggest thing for me now is my mom not being around to watch Graham and Charlie grow up.  Makes me miss her even more. She would have been a great babysitter! :-P

This is my mom and her sisters - she is the one to the right.  My dad passed along this photo to me recently.  I am guessing this was before they all left for university so probably late teens.
I have still been growing out my hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths - a charity that makes wigs for women with cancer.   Although I think I am accumulating more strands of white hair than the previous years!!! Anyhow, won't buzz it all off until next year. It's not quite the requirement of 8 inches yet.

Miss you, mom! May you continue to watch over us here from up above XOXOX

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