Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bobby's birthday

Happy birthday to Bobby/Daddy!!! Another year older :-P

We managed to surprise him with a little cake with a candle on top during dinner last week (May 30th).  Coincidentally, his good friend from London - Ben and his family were in town, so that made it extra special.  It was Ramadan (fasting month for the Muslims) so we were only allowed to whisper his birthday song :-)
Since it was too late for his birthday gifts when we got home, Bobby only opened his presents the next day. After much research on some Chinese horoscope, it was suggested that Bobby wear a clear quartz crystal bracelet. So, it was only fitting that we got him one for his birthday.  Bobby's other birthday gift was a marble puzzle/game. Graham and Charlie obviously helped with getting this present open:
Happy birthday Daddy!!! Dare I say... only a few more years before the big 5... 0... ?!!!  I can't believe it.  You still act like you're 25 :-P

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