Saturday, April 15, 2017

Waterpark fun

Graham and Charlie LOVES the waterpark!  We only have the weekday pass so we tried to take advantage of that during the last week of Spring break.  The first time we went, the boys were freezing! So we got out early and checked out the rest of the park. It's funny how we were always in the same corner for the past year.  We discovered the lazy river and body boarding!  So on the 2nd trip that week...

Graham's first attempt at Body Boarding. Bobby and I were so proud of him!
Bobby and I thought that he would just zoom all the way to the back on his first attempt, as we had been seeing that with the younger kids' attempts before Graham's.  But he did great!!! Obviously there was a wipe-out but Bobby and I were so glad that he didn't cry.  His 2nd attempt was not as impressive but so glad he was not afraid to get back in.

Lots of water fun!!!
It will be difficult to top this place when we move away!

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