Monday, April 3, 2017

London - Part 2

Day 3 in London and we are off to my aunt's place today. They are picking us up at noon so before that, some time for a late breakfast.  Graham was given a huge chocolate egg for (early) Easter so he decided to wear his bunny ears into town:
Graham has been eating so well this entire trip!  But as for Charlie... well, this photo probably says it all.  He was always such a grumpy bear when it came to food!
Charlie was also crying because I told him he couldn't play at the playground if he didn't eat. Graham of course was having a blast:
Even Daddy was playing:
So I guess that meant Charlie was forgiven???!
I love how these parks are set up - especially with these zip lines. Awesome! For everyone :-)
Ok, on the road to my aunt's place.  It took about 2 hours to get to Walsall, which is near Birmingham - northwest of London.  Love this "pod" that is in their garden (British English for "yard" which I learned on this trip :-)
Here's me and my aunt Francesca.  After looking at this photo for a bit, I realize how much I look like her!  She is my mom's older sister:
The boys are at it again with badminton:
Soon it was dinner time and I told Graham to wash his hands. It was so funny the look that Graham had on his face when he encountered this sink. It was like "Hmm... hot or cold? Hot or cold?" as he couldn't decide which faucet to put his hands under. I had to laugh under my breathe! 
My uncle Tony and his wife came to the house for dinner:
Some real fish and chips for dinner! "Chips" by the way are actually "french fries" and what we call "chips" in the US are "crisps" in the UK.  Funny!
After dinner, it was bath time for the boys.  They couldn't get enough of all the soap suds which accumulated even more when the jets in the bath tub was turned on!
The next morning, the boys discover the 3D TV.
And then we are off to the park before lunch:
It was about a 5-10 min walk from the house. Loved the flowers in bloom:
Really makes me miss the real Spring time and thankfully my allergies were in check:
The apparatus in these public parks are so well maintained and kid-friendly for all ages.  I suppose it makes quite a difference when you don't have the 45-50C (110-120F) temperature beating down on the equipment all summer long!
Graham and Charlie loves to climb.  Charlie lost his footing a bit on this but managed to hang on. His dismount wasn't as pretty as he bumped his forehead. Poor Charlie!
A happier Charlie here now that his forehead feels better:
During the walk back home, Charlie started to throw a fit and basically just laid on the sidewalk and said that he was tired.  I guess he really was tired as he was completely passed out during lunch!
My other aunt (my mom's youngest sister) joined us for Dim Sum:
And my other cousin Adrian joined us as well. Haven't seen him in over 15 years.  He is as big and tall as my brother!
It was a short but sweet visit. Time to get back on the road to Great Missenden:
Graham somehow managed to find some sort of comfortable position to sleep in the 3rd row/back of the car.  But prior to that he was playing with a neck pillow, where the seam had torn and all these little white polystyrene beads were ALL over the place. Stinker!
To be continued...

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