Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring break: London - Part 1

And we are off!  Charlie really wanted to visit our good friends there as they have already visited us 3 times now in Abu Dhabi.  I can't believe this orange carry-on bag has lasted this long:
Graham and Charlie always want to sit on this camel before departure:
Now this is a new thing - a henna station. For only Dhs20 or about USD5, I can get henna on both hands or feet. I figured just one hand, otherwise Bobby would have to carry everything while I wait for the henna to dry.  By the way, all proceeds went to charity, so even better!
On the plane - Graham and Charlie get comfortable so quickly once they are seated.  Although, there was an issue with their headset being too big so Mommy went into "MacGyver" mode and managed to use the plastic wrap from the headset to tie a knot on the headband.  Even one of the flight attendants was impressed!
Here's a new camera view that you don't see very often - it's the view from the tail of the A380. Pretty neat as we are taking off here!
I find it so cute that the boys are able to write their names now. Yes, even Charlie!  This is how they signed their names on the arrival card for the UK. I love how Graham even wrote it in cursive:
Look who is traveling with us as well. It's Charlie's Leo!
8 hours later... London!
It was a tough night starting out as both boys were coughing. Unfortunately they were both taking turns going through coughing fits at night throughout the entire vacation! Thankfully our friend Ara did introduce us to an oil called olbas oil. I ended up buying a couple more bottles home!

The next day, we are off to London!  It's a 45-min train ride from Great Missenden to London Marylebone station:
Ahhh... always sleeping on trains!!!
Leo is along for the ride too:
We are in London for the Lion King Musical. YAY!!!
Here's the set. Lovely!
Graham just had to get the binoculars. He had to insert £1 into this little machine that was attached to the seat in front of us. Anything to keep him quiet I suppose during the play :-)
What a show! And look who scored a little Lion King of his own:
Charlie got a little fridge magnet. He seems to really like fridge magnets now! And of course, lots of candy. Thankfully he wasn't too upset when we told him no:
Off to Chinatown for dinner.  We didn't have any dumplings this time. Mine probably taste better anyway :-P
Graham had a good dinner so he was allowed to play on the phone:
Charlie, on the other hand, took advantage of Izzy!  He is going to be such a lady's man when he grows up!
Photo op - me and Ara and Simba:
Bobby and his good friend Ben:
Speaking of Ben, this is Ben's man cave which Graham loves LOVES!!! Projected screen with surround sound - perfect for video games and movies.  This was definitely Graham's 2nd favorite thing of the trip after the Lion King. Ha ha!
And here is Charlie having his alone time (with his bunny ears on) with Izzy. He really adores her!
The following day, we are back in London.  I had unfortunately misplaced Charlie's waist-pack in Chinatown yesterday but crazy enough, we went back to the restaurant and there it was! Phew!!!

Off to Hyde Park now.  Boys are enjoying running around in all the large green space again!
Photo op for Bobby and me with Albert Memorial in the backdrop, which was opened in 1872 by Queen Victoria in memory of her husband Prince Albert who died of typhoid in 1861. That is a long time ago!
Did I mention how HUGE this park is?  Just massive!!! And of course, we were on the wrong end of Lake Serpentine. What is it with boys and sticks??!
Mini reunion after 10 years!  Bobby and I visited my cousin Simon in London 10 years ago when his twins Amy and Toby were just babies.
And here is that photo from November 2006, so actually more than 10 years ago! With my aunt.  Awww...
 To be continued...

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