Sunday, April 9, 2017

Abra boat ride

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little ride on a wooden boat.  We departed from Yas Marina, on the smaller abra - although I was hoping for the bigger one after I saw it!
I love it when the boys hug each other for photo-taking. Awww...
Graham and Charlie are checking out the boat before departure:
Here's the gang! We were joined by a good friend of ours that we met through golf plus his family and parents who were visiting:
And we're off!  Who knew they actually used these canals:
Approaching what we call the "coin" building. It's actually Aldar HQ - a property management company:
Pretty unique building:
Happy Graham!
Charlie was a bit scared so he was hanging on close to Mommy:
Chinook!!! We see them quite frequently here along with the Black Hawks as there is an army base not too far away:
Approaching the bridges. The one you see here is the Sheikh Zayed bridge or what we like to call the Ribbon bridge :-)
And the other/older blue one is called Maqta bridge. You can also see the old watchtower to the right of the Maqta bridge. Based on what I have read, back in the day - there was a causeway connected to the watchtower and travelers would wade across the water when the tide permitted. 
Daddy, Graham, and Charlie having a good time. Obviously more relaxed now:
A view of the Grand Mosque from the water:
Another view of the bridge as we head back out/away from the Souk area:
Close up of the watchtower:
Sun is setting.  Silhouette of our abra operator:
Our abra takes us towards Yas Island by the mangroves.  Family photo op!

The kids are getting a bit restless and obviously missing out on the view of Yas Link Golf Course behind them!
Heading back to Yas Marina.  What an enjoyable afternoon!

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