Sunday, February 5, 2017

Visit to Aldar HQ

Graham, Charlie, and I finally had a chance to see the Aldar HQ building up close and personal.  We have been calling this the "Coin Building" from Day 1 since we arrived in Abu Dhabi.
A good friend of ours works in this building which is how we managed to get access to it.  There is a valet service and the attendant wouldn't take my car until I told him which company our friend worked for!
Happy boys!!!  We were not able to take any photos inside the building so we spent lots of time taking photos outside :-)
Graham actually had a Home Learning project to write: "Write 5 facts about an interesting building in the UAE."  I think this building definitely qualifies as "interesting"!
We-fie opportunity!
Graham had a fun time playing with the reflection of the building:
Charlie on the other hand enjoyed walking along the railing:
Thank you to our friend John for the tour of Aldar HQ!

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