Friday, February 3, 2017

Random photos of the week

As usual, lots going on in the Pridgen household.  Last week, our home course - the Abu Dhabi Golf Club hosted the HSBC Championship for the European Tour men's professional golfers.  At the Championship Village, they also had the trophy for the European Ladies Tour - Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Open, which I had participated in last November.  I really wanted to wrap my hands around that one! :-)
Dustin Johnson in close proximity.  He's such a tall and fit fella!
Managed to get Henrik Stenson and Danny Willett's autographs on the hat. And managed to have Pablo Larazabal sign the golf balls that he had given the boys the day before:
Here's the familiar spot for Charlie.  Poor kid is always so tired after school!
Graham on the other hand, is never quite like this.  Although here is a rare sighting of Graham fast asleep in his carseat just yesterday.  I guess this is the only way for his head to feel comfortable and why is it that he always crosses his legs?
More questions when it comes to packing his lunch.  I guess he is sending a clear message as to what he wants to go into his lunchbox!
By the way, Graham lost another tooth!  He said it popped out when he was eating his Cheerios during snack time at school.  Good thing he didn't swallow it!
And just this past week, I think I found a new girlfriend for Charlie's Leo ;-)
I am glad Charlie is not in charge of getting the henna on my hand.  Good effort though!
Maybe he needs to just stick to taking his tricycle apart!
Last but not least, strong winds = dust and sand all over the place today!!!
Crazy to think that I played golf this morning. Thankfully this type of weather does not occur too often. It was a terrible round! :-P

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