Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Last of Phoenix (early January)

Okay, I think this is the last bit of photos from our holiday in Phoenix this past December and January.  The boys can't get enough of the rain!  I still can't believe that our last real rainfall here in Abu Dhabi was back in March of last year. That's almost 11 months ago!
Some last minute grocery shopping for stuff to bring back to the Abu Dhabi.  It's amazing how cheap things are compared to the prices here.  Charlie is obviously very tired during the shopping trip. He dozed off while sitting in the cart!
Graham is in charge of checking out the items.  Nice to be able to use these self scanners:
It's time to leave the next day. We shifted our flight out of San Francisco a day earlier and unfortunately, had to make Grandma and Pop-pop stay the night at a hotel.  One last goodbye!
The photo below turned out rather neat.  It's actually a mosaic tile wall art in the Phoenix airport.  Graham looks like he is actually leaning on the cactus and Charlie is posing next to it :-)
And what a nice surprise.  A random pilot (with American Airlines if I am not mistaken) let Charlie wear his hat and posed for a photo next to the Christmas tree/Snowman, even gave him a high-5 before walking onto his plane.  Too nice!
Charlie posing with the penguins:
The PHX-SFO flight was delayed a few hours, so needless to say I was so happy to finally arrive  there.  The San Francisco International terminal still had their Christmas colors on.
Trying to take their pretty lights on trees was a bit tricky in a moving bus!
2 weeks have gone by so quickly. It is finally flight day back to Abu Dhabi.  How do you wake these sleepy heads up!??!
 So peaceful...
The boys know the airport routine by now:
Graham obviously has it down to a tee! Check out those long socks that he decided to put on from the amenity kit:
So glad these boys love to be on airplanes:
The jetlag is so tough coming back though.  Everyone was so tired.  Charlie didn't even mind falling asleep on the floor!
And Graham didn't even tuck himself in probably for a nap. HAHA!
Well, that's the end of our Phoenix trip this past Christmas/New Year.  Until the next adventure!!!

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