Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Random photos of the week

A quick shout out to Super Stroke for providing some new grips!  Love these new colors for my various wedges and the new putter grip too:
Ok... back to the kids.  Charlie getting excited to go to the golf course:
The boys discovered a new little bumper car track at the mall.  5 minutes for Dhs20 (just a little over USD5).  Not too bad, I guess:
Want to guess who didn't finish his egg sandwich?  Yup, it would be Graham. Somehow he does not like eggs!
Soccer time!
Pass master for Charlie last week. Hooray!
The weather has been rather strange lately.  Cloudy days and lots of little spurts of rain!
Even a rainbow last Saturday when Bobby and I were playing golf!
A new hotel opened up across the street from us.  The food at the buffet was just so-so I thought, but I think the boys made it up at the dessert station :-)
Speaking of sweets, I was at an adventure store in the mall last weekend and spotted this.  A gummi bear vending machines.  WOAH!!!
Charlie was invited to a birthday party at the adventure store.  Thankfully there was no restrictions for the wall climbing as he was just a tad too short for the zip line and obstacle course.  Getting geared up!
I think Charlie has talked himself into being afraid of heights.  Instead of starting out on the ground, the guy plopped Charlie up on the wall after he was attached to the line. And he did not move one bit!
Poor Charlie just hung on and was super still for probably a full minute or so... until the guy plopped him back down. And he was in tears!  I am so glad the guy was able to motivate him back up on the wall after that.  Phew!!!  Looks like we will need lots of practice :-)

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