Sunday, February 5, 2017

Grandma and Pop-pop in Phoenix

At the end of December, Grandma and Pop-pop came to visit us in Phoenix while we were there for the holidays.  We hit our usual restaurants including one at the Biltmore.  But first, photo op in front of the poinsettia Christmas tree:
Yummy desserts!!!
At night, we decided to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens instead of the Phoenix zoo this year.  I'm glad the boys actually really enjoyed it! Phew!
Those cacti-looking things in this top photo are actually made out of glass! And below are the luminaries.  Spectacular with the desert backdrop!
I really wanted the boys to see the hand-bell orchestra.  Some of those hand-bells were quite large!
Charlie does not like loud noises:
It was actually quite pleasant and intriguing!
Photo op of Bobby and Grandma.  I just realized how HUGE that Agave plant is (to the right of Bobby)!
Happy first-timers to the Desert Botanical Gardens! 
Speaking of garden, we bought some new cacti/succulents for our backyard. Oh, and also bought a new pot from a little town called Guadalupe.  Love the splash of color!
I hope these new plants survive. The previous succulent ground cover were pulled up by the landscapers. Boo hoo!  These are Charlies...
And Graham picked these up:
The cacti in the blue pot is mine from college - funny enough which I named Bob even before I met my real Bob!  Some of the joints were tilted and leaning the wrong way so I decided to just break them off.  Hopefully "Bob" will recover!
No trip to Phoenix is complete without a meal at In-and-Out burgers!
Okay, back to business.   Been wanting to replace our outdoor/garage lights for years now but figured a can of spray paint would be a lot more affordable!  It did take more time and lots of blue tape!
But I have to say, it looks pretty good!  Happy me :-)
And as the sun starts to go down, shhh.... we are sneaking onto the golf course.
 The boys really wanted to try out these glow-in-the-dark golf balls:
We are learning to hit it from anywhere!
Hopefully this is a good start for the boys in learning how to love the game!
The next day, it is New Year's Eve.  Mommy and Daddy get a date on the golf course.  I'm pretty sure Bobby was on the fairways most of the time, except for this time :-P
After golf, it's hair cuts for the boys.  I don't know why but Graham was crying when I was buzzing his hair since Charlie had no issues at all!
And at night, some sparkles.  Needless to say, Graham and Charlie love these!
 To be continued...

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