Sunday, February 5, 2017

More photos from Phoenix (December)

Eventually I am going to catch up on all these photos taken during our Christmas/New Year trip!  After Christmas, both Graham and Charlie had a visit to their pediatrician.  Charlie had 4 vaccination shots - 2 on each arm, and he didn't even flinch!
Not a single tear from Charlie!  Graham, on the other hand - had one flu shot.  Guess the photo below tells all. Poor kid!
Obviously he recovered after a little while.  Later that evening, we went out with our neighbors to a local favorite for dinner - San Tan Flats:
Obviously not quite dark enough yet for dinner, but this place gets so crowded so quickly!  We all enjoyed the fire pit:
Ahhh... really love seeing the sunset from our backyard too:
The next day, off to the playground!  Not just any particular playground, but this one has a built-in digger in the sand pit. Graham and Charlie love this place!
Graham is able to dig with this now with little issues. Charlie still struggles a bit as it is quite heavy. One of the arms was actually broken but Momma a.k.a. McGyver managed to find the perfect branch to put into the bolt slot to fix it :-)
Charlie and his hat!
Okay, time to feed the ducks.  These ducks were hungry!
And then, it was time to feed ourselves.  Yummy pizza!
To be continued...

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