Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moving day - Good bye Tulsa!

Well, we finally moved out of the Tulsa home on Saturday, May 31 :-(  We are really going to miss this house!  And also all the neighbors and friends that we've made during the 5 years that we've been here.
Looks like I'm going to have to make another height chart for the boys:
Let's see... as of May 30, Charlie is 32 1/2" tall at 22 months:
And Graham is 39" tall at 4 years old:
I'm also going to miss my garden.  We had our first blueberry right before leaving:
All my flowers bloomed so well this year. I'm so happy about that and hopefully the new buyers will be too!
And I could not believe the number of blooms on the daylily that I had planted for my mom a few years ago. What a comeback from when Bobby had pulled it out of the ground when he thought it was a weed.  Thankfully he missed pulling the actual bulb out!
Goodbye Tulsa home and off to our new adventure in Abu Dhabi!
Actually, off to Disney World first.  Can't wait!  I hope the car makes it there with all the extra luggage!
As for the dented bumper, we had to reinforce it with some more duct-tape during the drive down to Florida.
And funny enough, I discovered that straws and sticks (available at any McDonald's) can be a pretty handy replacement for screws.  The stick had to be the perfect size though, which was a little tricky.  I had to break a few extra branches from a plant to find the perfect fit!
By the way, we logged over 2,600 miles driving from Oklahoma to Florida and finally to New Jersey.  And crazy enough the stick, straw, and duct-tape held the bumper up really well despite all that heavy downpour we had along the way!  Bobby actually called me "MacGyver" :-)
And oh, I also found out that plants do not last long in a car without water for 4 days straight in 90+ degree weather:
Let's just say we have replaced it with some pretty lavender that can be found at a hotel parking lot close to Swedesboro, NJ. 
I know, sticky fingers! He he...

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