Thursday, June 19, 2014

Disney World (Part 1)

We decided to head out to Disney World before seeing Bobby's family in New Jersey.  What an awesome plan it was! Bobby and me and especially the boys had such a great time.  The FastPass bands were awesome and was really worth the extra bucks.  So were the extra bucks for the Memory Maker.  These people at Disney sure know how to make these family vacations work.  We finally have some good family photos!
We arrived at Disney on Monday, June 2nd and checked into our hotel at Animal Kingdom.  What an awesome lobby!
And after ooh-ing and aah-ing over the animals that we could see from our balcony, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. We had an appointment with a Live Mickey Mouse clubhouse show and boy, did the boys enjoy that!
And then, it was dinner at downtown Disney.  By the way, we learned that there are no buses from the parks to downtown Disney.  You have to take the buses back to the hotels first and then, take another bus from there.  To make our dinner reservation, we decided to just take a cab.  It was the boys' first cab ride, so they were both so excited.
Graham was not too excited about his dinner but was happy to help mommy with her crab:
Of course, Charlie wanted to help too: 
But after a while, he just wanted to try out the corn.  Not too bad for a first timer!
We ended the night with the Fantasmic show back at Hollywood Studios.  Bob and I thought it was a little bit scary but thankfully the boys weren't too bothered or scared by it.
The show started pretty late so needless to say, the boys were beat by the end of the night.
Day 2 at Disney and we were off to Epcot.  I'm not too sure how Charlie felt about the idea. Can you?
Lunch was pretty spectacular with the view of the large aquarium.  There were lots of sharks and turtles to see, which kept the boys quite entertained:
The boys finally had a chance to meet Mickey Mouse.  Graham and Charlie were so excited!
Charlie wasn't too sure about Goofy:
They did like Chip and Dale. By the way, we found out that Chip is the one that has the chocolate chip nose. Ha... who knew!
Another good family pic, thanks to Disney!
And how about these special effects!
And how about Graham and Charlie getting their faces painted.  Graham wanted to be a panda bear:
Here's our panda bear! I love the little sugar cane stalk at the edge of his mouth:
And Charlie was our Canadian bear. He did so well for his first time as well with face painting. He sat on my lap and I held his head up a little.
The paint did get a little messy though as the paint was water-based and that didn't help with us being out in a muggy day. A misting fan didn't help either... nor did some crying from a couple of tired boys. Yes, very tired boys.  They were completely out again by the end of Day 2!
To be continued (day 3 & 4)...

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