Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun times for the boys in NJ

Well, less than 24 hours and we are heading off to Abu Dhabi to start our new life! The boys have been having a great time. Right off the bat, they were welcomed with a sand pit built by Pop-pop in the backyard. How great is that!
Then, there's lot of movie nights:
There was pool time at the club, thanks to Uncle Doug and Auntie Myla:
Who knew the boys would love playing with little tea sets at the pool.
They sure love the water, especially Charlie. He thinks he can swim and sometimes even pushes my arms away while we're in the big pool.  I would put him on the side of the pool and he would jump straight into my arms. Talk about a trust exercise! Graham finally built up some courage to swim on his own with the floaties. We were all so proud of him!
Then there were cakes:
And we can't forget the ice-cream:
And lots of playing ball in the backyard as well at Grandma and Pop-pop's house:
Love the way Charlie winds up to kick the ball.  Too cute!  Graham was a little frustrated there because Bobby was suppose to follow him to another part of the yard to see some deer tracks.

Anyhow, we can't thank Grandma and Pop-pop again for having us at their home for the last 3 weeks!  We will miss everyone, but at the same time we are really excited to start our new life in a new country.  Worse case scenario - if it doesn't work out, it will be a one month vacation in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.  How bad can that be???  Oh wait, did I mention that it will be 110F when we arrive and also it's Ramadan right now, which means no eating or drinking in public even for non-Muslims!  Thankfully the kids will be exempted from this. Phew! Wish us luck! :-)

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