Monday, June 30, 2014

Boys' first visit to Boston

After our visit to Boston, we decided to take the boys up there. On the way there, we went to visit some friends of mine in Connecticut. Both Ann and Rich were my housing host back when I used to play a lot of golf on the Futures Tour.  Since West Hartford was on the way to Boston, we decided to drop by for a quick visit.  Lunch was great and the water fun after was even better! But first, helloooo???
Daddy getting the water hose ready.  Simon the dog wanted in on the action too:
Because here comes daddy!  Talk about great water pressure :-)
The boys love the water, especially Charlie:
Drenched for sure!
After the visit, it was onward to Boston.  The boys were fast asleep pretty quickly!
And when they awoke, it was talk time on the phone :-)
When we arrived at Hull, we geared up and headed towards the beach.  Graham loved it!
Charlie had doubts about the sand - so much of it!
He did warm up to the rocks though:
Graham loved throwing rocks into the ocean:
He just needs to remember not to squat too low when the waves come in!
And then, it was off to the fair.  Obviously, Graham wanted to play in every game!  Thankfully there were ones where they boys were guaranteed a toy:
Graham actually made 2 out of 3 baskets here!
Of course, we can't leave without getting on a ride.  Charlie was not quite tall enough. Poor fella!
They both did win batons and was happily running around like two crazy kids.  Wait,... they are crazy. Ha!
The next day, we had the boys board the ferry - this time off to Boston from Hull. It took over an hour and a half to get to Boston, but thankfully it didn't feel that long.  They enjoyed watching the airplanes come in when we were close to Logan Airport. There was an airplane that came almost directly over us. Too cool!
And there's the usual jelly fish sighting:
Here's a precious moment for daddy:
When we arrived in Boston, we found a playground that included a big sand pit and lots and lots of sand toys!
After that, it was a quick walk over to the splash pad.  Unfortunately, you have to keep pushing this knob on the side of these blocks and they were too difficult for the boys to do.
So after a while, we gave in, cleaned up, and opted for a HUGE dessert before getting back on the ferry.
I'm glad the boys enjoyed Boston and the beach.  More reason to get a summer home in Boston! :-)

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