Thursday, June 19, 2014

Disney World (Part 2)

Day 3 was all about the Animal Kingdom park. We started off with an early lunch at a themed restaurant where the characters would come to the table.  Again, Charlie was so excited to see Mickey!
Graham hugged all of the characters that walked by our table:
Like I said, Disney has this down when it comes to making things happen for the kids!
Our first adventure at Animal Kingdom was the Safari ride. It was so much fun!  I think it was Bob and my favorite part of the entire trip.  We rode in these large vehicles:
It was neat being able to see the animals up close:
And we also discovered these "upside-down" trees.  They are called that because it looks as if the roots are the ones above ground.  Supposedly these trees don't have any leaves on them for 9 months out of the year. How interesting!
By the way, there is a similar tree in the middle of the park that Disney created. The trunk has carvings of all sorts of animals. Just amazing and perfect spot for a family pic!
After the ride, it was time to meet Mickey and Minnie.  I'm so glad we didn't skip this one as the line did not move very fast the first time we were there.  Another great family photo!
Snack time! And who knew they had Edamame at Disney as a snack. It was so helpful in occupying Charlie. He loves them! 
And Graham of course, went for the Mickey shaped ice-cream.
Again, the boys skipped their naps 3 days in a row, but it was just too much for Charlie. So it was naptime in Mommy's arm:
As for Graham, it was naptime in the stroller on his new turtle (which he proudly won in a ball-tossing game in Dinoland):
We were so thankful to finally be indoors, in an air-conditioned theater for "Finding Nemo The Musical":
At first it looked like a date just for Mommy and Daddy, but I'm so glad the boys woke up when the music came on:
What a great and colorful show!  And at the end of the day, the boys actually stayed awake during the bus ride home.

4th and final day at Disney was our trip to Magic Kingdom.  I think the boys really enjoyed this one.  We decided to go to Epcot first and take the monorail.  The boys were so excited about that as they had noticed the monorail during our time at Epcot:
And then, we took a little ferry to the park.  The boys enjoyed that ride too:
We caught the last bit of the show that was at Cinderella's castle:
We took a little stroll around the park and when we heard the show starting again, we decided to park the stroller under a little shady area on the side. Well, the view was not good enough for Graham, so off Daddy & Graham went - into the sun.
You should have seen Bobby's face and shirt and they both got back!
Anyhow, it was then off to the Winnie the Pooh ride and also It's a small World ride.  Both rides were very kid friendly for Graham and Charlie's age group:
And then, it was all about waiting for the parade. It was SO HOT!  By then, Charlie was just completely out and sweaty and heavy too, of course!
Thankfully this nice cloud showed up to cover the sun just before the parade started.  Phew! It definitely made things better.  Either way, Graham really enjoyed the parade.  We're glad we got to see the cast of Frozen.  Can you believe that it was a 180 minutes just to line up and see Elsa and Anna that day???! Crazy!
It was a Thursday and just look at the sea of people.  Bobby and I were actually quite glad we were leaving the next day:
Our last thing of the day was a meal at the Crystal Palace where Pooh and his gang would make an appearance.  Again, Disney did not fail us!  Here's Pooh bear:
Daddy being silly, as usual:
And Tigger, of course!
We caught the end of another parade at the end of the day, so it was the perfect way to end our trip at Disney:
What a memorable trip!  Definitely a must-do again when the boys are older :-)

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