Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Charlie is 22 months old

2 more months before Charlie turns 2 years old!  I think the terrible two's have already started though.  He still loves to just lay on the ground when he throws his temper tantrum:
And he is such a little parrot.  Charlie would mimic everything and anything that his big brother says and does.  For example, back during our time in Phoenix - Graham would put stones into this little hole of the ceramic stool.
Charlie followed but decided to grab a shovel of gravel.  Too funny! (and so focused!)
And at 22 months, Charlie has such a sweet tooth.  He can already say "dessert, chocolate, and m&m.  The sweets do come in handy during long road trips, but what a mess!
Lollipops are a little better:
But funny enough, Charlie really likes apples, so that's always a good alternative as well.  His one apple lasted from Virginia to Florida!
And Charlie was too cute during one of our recent drives.  On our way to Florida, we had to drive further into the night than usual.  Charlie had one of these toy torch lights shaped of a dolphin and he had a blast with it.  He was aiming it at me and Bobby and also at "ta ge" / his big brother Graham and saying " Gotcha!".
Charlie is turning into such a little boy. He is learning to give lots of hugs and kisses, which is so nice.  Just need to work on that temper tantrum!

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