Monday, September 30, 2013

Charlie is 14 months old / First hair cut

14 months old and finally, a first hair cut for Charlie!
I figured the little trike would do the trick!
And yes, looks like Charlie has fallen victim to Mommy's infamous bowl haircut!
Well... next on the chair... big brother Graham.
It was really difficult to get him to sit for the haircut (especially after nicking him a couple times during the last hair clipping session!).  So, we had to bribe him with some oreo cookies. It worked like a charm!
Well, here's Charlie a day after his haircut.  It doesn't look so bad here.  Must be the lighting :-)
At 14-months, he is trying to stand up more without support now.  He has been blowing kisses and saying "bye bye" (or what seems to sound like bye bye).  And when he's unhappy during mealtimes, he would start crying and start swiping all the food off his tray! And just recently, this is one of his favorite things to do at night with Daddy.  Too funny!

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