Saturday, September 21, 2013

Charlie is 13 months old

Well, technically he's 13 months and 3 weeks, but with all the golf that's been going on lately, I have completely forgot to update my blog on Charlie!

Our little Charlie is quite the character now. He loves crawling up the stairs:
He's got some new teeth:
New knee-pads for when he plays in the gravel pit:
Little Chaz is also learning to use the spoon:
Obviously we are still working on it!
At 13+ months, Charlie now knows where to go when he's hungry.  He will actually crawl with the food pouch in his hand and give it to you:
And somehow, he has developed a tantrum where he will get down on his belly, roll over onto his back (he does that more carefully on tile so he doesn't bang his head), and then starts crying/screaming and pounding his legs up and down!
But Charlie can still be such a happy baby when he wants to be. I suppose having his binky and blankie helps:
And Charlie is even happier when he's in the tub with his big brother!
Such great memories to cherish!

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