Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trip to the Aquarium

During these past hot summer days, the boys and I have had quite a few chances to go to the Aquarium.  Graham and especially Charlie LOVES the aquarium!  Charlie is constantly pointing and "talking" and Graham just runs around from one exhibit to another as I try and catch up with the stroller:
Like I said, Charlie loves to point!
He's pretty much stroller-bound when we're at the aquarium.  He's getting too heavy to carry around!
On our most recent trip, Graham got a chance to watch the frogs being fed:
Thankfully, most of the exhibits are stroller-friendly:
As usual, Graham enjoys climbing around everywhere!
And here's the new exhibit... where the kids get to crawl under the tunnel, climb up a ladder and view the fish from the middle of the tank.  Pretty cool!
There's sure some big and weird looking fish at the aquarium!
The aquarium is going to open up a new section for the turtles soon.  Can't wait!

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