Saturday, September 28, 2013

More trips to the Tulsa Zoo

Graham and Charlie really love the zoo, so having a nice cool day last Sunday was a perfect cue to go. As usual, we stopped by the elephants first:
Charlie was actually afraid of the elephant when it started moving!
So, I had to pick him up and then both boys ended up in the wagon.  Next stop - the tortoises:
And then, the giraffes.  Charlie sure loves to point!
While Graham and daddy decides where to go next, Charlie is pointing... Over there! Over there!
And then, off to the playground.  Charlie was quite unsure about being on the see-saw with big brother:
And then, he got a little more comfortable:
But okay, he doesn't look very comfy:
I assure you though, he really did like it!  And Graham didn't mind it at all having Charlie holding onto him.
Another successful trip to the zoo!
Graham actually took this picture while in his carseat :-)

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