Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More fun in Phoenix

Graham almost always says that he likes the "Phoenix house" better.  I wonder if this is why...
Who knew it would be so much fun to watch the wash cycle!  Charlie's head just got lower...
And lower...
And even lower... to a point that he actually bumped his head on the glass!
Who is so silly... and so happy!
I tried to put some shoes/slippers on him but he liked gnawing on them a lot better.
And while at a local improvement store, I noticed a scooter for quite a bargain. Graham had been talking about having one recently so it made a good belated birthday present from Mommy and Daddy.
He did pretty well on his first attempt and was even brave enough to venture onto the path all by himself!
Although after a few minutes, it was back on the playground. He loves to swing like a monkey!
And loves to pile on at the slide:
Gosh, the boys are getting so big so quickly.  Wait... how big, you say?  Sooooooooo big!
I'm glad the boys are able to play together. Who needs a fancy toy when you have a box!
By the way, I finally finished my height chart on the wall by the boys' bedroom in the "Phoenix house".  But we forgot to mark their heights before leaving!  Oh well... next time.
Although next time might be when it's not so hot!

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