Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kitchen floor tiles

For whatever reason, the kitchen tiles came off from the floor! Notice how these tiles are raised:
I noticed these particular tiles sounded hollow underneath earlier this week.  And then, when I stepped on them, Graham's stool would rock.  Now that was really strange!  A couple more days and more tiles started to rise up and eventually cracked when Daddy stepped on them.  Oops!  With that, it was time to take a look-see:
It's always fun when a project involves a hammer :-)
It's crazy how the mortar came off the floor and there was moisture underneath it. I was only able to save 3 tiles. Hopefully we are able to find the same ones to replace the cracked ones!
I wonder why it was not tiled under the dishwasher. And I know it's not tiled under the stove either.
I put some painter's tape around the rough edges, so it's back to business for now!

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Hill said...

We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)