Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Charlie is 9 months old

Charlie is 9 months old... can't believe he'll be 1 in three more months!  Today was his doctor's appointment.  He weighed in at 18lbs 8oz and at 17 1/4" tall - both below 25% percentile.  Does this kid really look like he's below 25% percentile??!
All was well and happy at the start of the appointment:
And then, uh oh... after the finger prick:
Charlie was out like a light by the time we got home.  Poor fella!
There's been a lot of progress this past month with Charlie. He has improved a lot on his crawling and loves to crawl with his favorite (chew) toy - a block:
He's also able to sit himself up more easily now from the crawling position:
We've discovered some new toys for Charlie.  Funny enough Graham didn't really play with this one a lot so Charlie is making up for lost times:
The walker is also coming in very handy for Charlie.  Even without walking yet, he's already getting himself into things!
He's starting to be quite a big boy!
And is the happiest when he's with his Mommy:
Ahhh... love the snuggle bug but I can't wait until he gets over the separation anxiety!

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