Monday, May 1, 2017

Recent happenings

We had a quick stopover in JFK as in back in the US a couple of weeks ago.  Will update on that later!  But first... here are some of the recent happenings:

Here is an almond croissants from a restaurant here called Brioche Doree.  Super yummy!!! Nice thing is - the boys don't really like it so that means more for me!  I wonder though how many calories are packed in one of these. Don't want to know I suppose!
Graham and Charlie are still getting buzzed haircuts from the same kids hairdresser when we first arrived here almost 3 years ago now.  Except now they are getting these spray on stars!
On in Graham's case, spray of rainbow??! Green, blue, and silver stripes. Ha!
We love making bubbles in the sink. Very clever!
Another dress up day for the boys. Somehow I managed to think up Mr Bump in a night. Clever Mommy :-)
And Mr. Tickle for Graham.  Thank goodness for an orange IKEA towel, straws, and wooden skewers:
This photo was taken before going to school. Unfortunately one of Mr Tickle's arms didn't last the school day. As expected I suppose!
Here's our recent purchase from New Jersey - from the Liberty Science Center to be exact.  It's a Newton's cradle and only works if these balls are not tangled up!
I was out for lunch with some friends this past week at a Chinese restaurant. Check out this Szechuan Kung Fu tea master. Pretty impressive!  You can't see it too clearly but he is pouring Chinese tea from a tea kettle whose spout starts from where his head is and ends at almost his belly button! So that's how far away he is holding the spout away from the tea cup. I have never seen anything like this before or seen a long tea pot like this (and I am Chinese??! HAHA!):
Supposedly these long spouts help with the temperature of the tea and because the spout is so narrow, it creates water pressure which is able to push the tea leaves around in the tea pot, thus allowing the tea to brew, producing a richer taste and aroma. Interesting! Quite an art form!

Speaking of art form, finally used the mud face mask that a good friend of mine had bought for me. It's from the Dead Sea in Jordan. Ok... here goes!  Ahhhh.....!!!!
My skin did feel silky smooth after although the mud did have a funny smell to it, even after washing my face with water.  Suppose to use the mask 3x a week.  Maybe less crows-feet around the eyes??? Just read that crows-feet are also referred to as "laugh lines".  Hmm... I think I like that better!

Anyhow, did you know that the Dead Sea is the Earth's lowest elevation on land? The surface and shores are 423 meters or 1,388ft below sea level. Amazing!!!

Last but not least, Bobby had just come in 3rd in a recent team event he was invited to.  This is what happened in the display case by the TV unit when he came home last night:
He is obviously jealous about something! :-P
The fun continues at the Pridgen household.  You just never know what is going to happen next! :-)

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