Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, at this point, it is already a belated Mother's Day.  Where does the week go!?!  This Mother's Day was actually quite uneventful.  Bobby was now making excuses that the "American" Mother's Day is not celebrated here in the UAE.  Seriously??!

Here's what the boys made for me at school during the "British" Mother's Day, which was back in March.

I'm not sure if this alien heart is suppose to be me???? It has two very long arm and two legs. Ha ha!
I love how Graham drew the Family of 4 holding hands. So sweet!
And I am not sure what gave Charlie this idea of me making yummy sandwiches???  The only sandwiches I make for him are sandwiches with jelly or marmalade on white toast. I am glad they are yummy for him! :-)
My silly monkeys:
 Fun with birthday hats :-D
 Hope these boys will continue to appreciate their mother!!!

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