Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Night at the Opera

I was recently invited by a friend to attend her daughter's voice teacher's opera performance.  I have never been to a Dinner + Opera before. Anyhow, she posted the event on Facebook and when I looked at it and saw the name of the group Vox Livens, I knew I had recognized it from somewhere. My friend Jen is in it!  And sure enough, here she is on the program - to the far left:
All dressed up for her performance - looking stunning, Jen!!!
And my friend's daughter's voice instructor is Louise. She is the 2nd one from the right on the program. Here's the trio in action.  Beautiful voices!  They make it seem so easy to sing and effortless especially on those high notes:
I thought it was cute how they would act out what they were singing, although almost hoping for some subtitles as all the songs were in Italian. No... I am not quite there yet with my Italian lesson at the boys' school.

Thankfully the menu was in English AND Italian. Delizioso!... especially those raviolis:
There was a wine pairing as well although it was more like a wine tasting session for me and my two friends.  All of us had to drive home and we are all "cheap dates" so to speak. None of us can really hold a lot of alcohol! Nonetheless, the champagne, red and white wine, and dessert wine were all very yummy:
Vox Livens will be back performing again on July 27th (  By the way, the group is UAE's only soprano ensemble. Definitely something to experience if you love food and music.  I was actually quite mesmerized, especially when Jen and the other gal Lauren sang their duet Pur Ti Miro. What an experience to check off!

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