Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas eve! We had a fun day tracking Santa before naptime.  Funny enough, Santa was actually in Malaysia when we turned on the Santa Tracker:
And while Graham was napping, we decided to put all the Christmas gifts under the tree. Look at all those presents!
Mommy decided to cook Christmas dinner on the eve.  It was great, by the way, putting all the leftovers into a pie the next day. Definitely a must-do for all other Christmases!
Charlie was "supervising" as usual:
Finally, after dinner - we let Graham open up some presents.  But first, the Christmas sock...
These little wind-up toys make great stocking stuffers!
Finally, Christmas day! Graham wasted no time to open up presents:
A little boy can never have too many construction trucks! 
The excavator even helped open some presents: 
Charlie, on the other hand, was more interested in munching on his fingers:
We also got Graham his very own camera:
Kids are so lucky these days! 
Well, we know which was Graham's favorite toy this Christmas this year!
As for Mommy, I got mostly coldwear... new gloves, flannel-lined pants (love these!), and not one but two sweaters! Thankfully it hasn't been too cold here (YET) but these gifts will definitely come in handy. Thank you, Santa! :-)

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