Sunday, December 2, 2012

Charlie is 4 months old

Charlie recently had his 4-month check-up and he is now 24" tall and weighs 14 lbs 5oz.  He fell asleep while waiting for the doctor:
And then of course, after the doctor's visit and 3 shots later in the thighs... wahhhh...!!!
Not a happy camper!  All that crying made him so tired by the time he got into the car and home:
I thought Charlie was a good sized baby but he's only in the 25% percentile!  But nonetheless, he is a healthy little boy and just started drooling a lot these past few days:
He will probably cut his first tooth pretty soon here. Graham's first tooth came when he was a little under 19 weeks old. We'll see how Charlie does.  Right now, he loves to just suck on his hands and finds comfort in grabbing onto burp cloths!
Here's a recent video of Charlie.  We're playing peek-a-boo :-)
Love his laughs!

Charlie has also learned to roll over from his belly onto his back.  He did do it once at 12-weeks old but more consistently when he turned 16-weeks old.  He doesn't freak out as much anymore but obviously still cries at times to get Mommy's attention!
And as for sleep, I think Charlie has been a good sleeper (hopefully I didn't jinx myself tonight!).  At about 12 weeks old, he started to sleep through the night.  Right now, the schedule looks something like this... Feed him and tuck him into bed around 6pm-ish. And then, right before I go to bed - I would nurse him again and plop him straight back into his crib and he would go back to sleep until about 7am the next morning. Sometimes if I'm lucky, Charlie would sleep until 8am!

Here's a pic of Mommy and her boys!
By the way, this is what I walked into one early morning. I was so tired but just had to laugh!

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