Friday, November 30, 2012

Phoenix Zoo Lights / Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, we wanted to take Graham to the zoo during the day so he could see the animals.  But when we arrived at 3:54pm, we were told that the zoo was closing at 4pm and re-opening at 6pm for Zoo Lights.  So after a nice early dinner at a friend's restaurant, where Daddy devoured his olives:
We headed back to the zoo and discovered that it was a member-only Zoo Lights preview! Poor Graham! We didn't want to disappoint him twice so we asked one of the zoo members in line to purchase our tickets and he did.  How could he say no to a face like this!
Ha ha! So, ok... Graham didn't make that face but I had to fit that picture into the story somehow :-)
Meanwhile, back at the zoo - there was lights:
The carousal, but Graham did not want to ride in it because he said it was going too fast:
 More lights:
 A talking giraffe:
 A new toy for Graham (This one barely lasted a week!)
 And even more lights!
The lights at this part of the zoo is actually synchronized with music. Check it out!
Our camera ran out of battery, so that was all I could record.

For Thanksgiving this year, we decided to just order in the meal.  And look! A picture where everyone is awake and looking at the camera!
This Thanksgiving, Graham discovered cranberry sauce:
Anyone wants turkey with their cranberries?
After dinner, Graham helped Mommy bake some yummy pumpkin cheesecake pie:
 What a handy little helper!
What a great trip to Phoenix this was.  On our way home on the plane, I got to dress Charlie in his new onesie outfit. He's such a cutie pie without even trying! :-)
We weren't sure if Graham was actually going to take his nap as the plane took off right about his naptime. He did eventually get himself comfortable and slept for about half the flight time.
Then, he made sure he knew what to do during an emergency:
And then, he passed some time by taking a few pictures:
Or more like a 108 pictures! Thank goodness for digital cameras!  Both boys were so well behaved on the flight that some of the passengers sitting close by complimented on their good behavior.  Now as parents, that made Bobby and I very proud of our two boys! :-D

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