Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arizona Women's Open

I decided to play in the Arizona Women's Open, which was held at the Foothills Golf Club in Phoenix last week.  It was my first golf tournament back since giving birth to Charlie.  Thankfully, we were able to use carts although I did walk on the first day, using my new fancy push cart.  But phew... what a work-out!

For the 3-day event, I shot 75, 73, and 74 and finished tied for 33rd out of 70-some players.  Not too shabby I guess, for not really practicing all that much.  I did start out my Day 1 with a 4-putt double bogey on the first hole. I putt, I miss... I putt, I miss...  Thankfully I was able to keep the rest of the day under control :-)

Since Bobby had to travel back to Tulsa during my tournament week (otherwise, I would have put him to work on the bag!), the two boys had a babysitter.  Thankfully Graham enjoyed spending time with the babysitter because it was 3 long days for her!  He even continued to play with some of the games they had drawn out together when I got home.

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